Potty words

This post is going to be about potty words. I like potty words i think they are funny.Here are some poop, pee pee, butt, pee, fart, and toot.  Remember the Shawnimal post? well see that brown thing? that is a Shawnimal its name is the Lonely dollop. See you next time.

Hello world!

This is my first post. This post is going to be about Shawnimals but first I must tell you what they are.  Shawnimals  are Creatures that a dude named shawn made up. You can go here to learn about them: http://www.shawnimals.com/character_origins. My favorite one is the Huggy. Want to know why because every time you say something a word about love they will hug you! See that map its the Shawnimal world. P.S. see that blue hat? That is where Huggys live and also see that blue person? That is a Huggy. Goodbye until next time!Shawnimals map

blue huggy