International Cryptozoology Museum

I went to Portland and went to the Crytozoology Museum with my dad, mom, and evil devil brother. In one of these photos there is a statue of Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) in another there are 2 statues of the Feejee Mermaid, and a giant beaver model with action figure of Indiana Jones  killing the beaver. Overall I loved the Museum but I wished that it was bigger. When I got home I found this cryptozoology game. Goodbye hope you like the photos!

2 thoughts on “International Cryptozoology Museum

  1. Great Photos. Were you able to touch the items or were they protected by glass or a cage? Did they have examples of the “evil brother” or did you bring him with you. I bet Quinn liked the exhibits also. Did they think your Dad was one of the exhibits, he is sort of crytozoological in appearance.Especiallynow that he walks funny I really like your web page keep up the good work.
    Gay Gay

  2. So Cabe—how REAL where those models of Bigfoot? I hear BigFoot guys really stink BAD! You be careful up on the roof! You goinna wear a parachute?

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